Hybrid Power Installation

Hybrid Power System build to provide grid power assist during these peaks demands and also supply emergency back up power.

Design to optimize the system for integration into the farm structure to add an attraction that visitors can view.

System description: 50kw hybrid energy system combining grid, generator and renewable energies.

Input 1 (grid) : 240v single phase ac up to 125 amps.
Input 2 (generator) : 25kw 240v single phase diesel generator.
Output : 240v single phase ac up to 250 amps.

28 kWh battery storage and 30 kw inverters providing power assist to incoming 125 amps grid boosting output to 250 amps.
Additional inputs from solar pv and wind turbine generators.
Seamless integration and load transfer.
UPS functionality.

Viewing window on the container provides visitors to the Farm information on the hybrid system and allow visitors to view the components used in building the hybrid power unit.

Education for Children and Adults on energy generation.

green energy-hybrid power station