Open Farm for Kids

At the heart of the farm is of course the animals and with a great selection to choose from, there is always a favourite for everyone. As well as the every day farm animals such as cows, sheep, pigs etc we have some of the more exotic such as llamas, alpacas and emus. We have some amazing animal characters at the farm, from Geoffrey our Macaw, Charlie our Donkey to Posh & Becks the black swans & Missy & Mister the Polish Bantams.

Everyone has their own favourite!!!

There is always someone on hand to welcome visitors to the shed and to hand out small animals such as rabbits and guinea pigs. Supervised handling is for the safety of the animals and our visitors.

Did you know that feeding of the larger animals including bottle feeding of any goats or lambs occur at regular intervals at the farm depending on the time of year. Listen out for announcements or ask a staff member for further details.

petting animals-rabbits